Astronomic observatory park on mount Orliakas, Grevena
Monetary vault of the Bank of Greece in Thessaloniki
Heaquarters office for ALUMIL factory
Indoor athletic swimming center of Kastoria
Folk Museum of Argos Orestikon
Municipal Athletic center of Thessaloniki
PINEWOOD school campus
Cultural-congress center in Panorama Thessaloniki
Cultural center at ancient school of Aristotle in Naoussa
Library of the Faculty of Civil Engineering A.U.TH
Archeological Museum and Cultural center of Argos Orestikon
Service station for refuse collection vechicles in Argos Orestikon
Hotel "Loggas" in Sidirohori, Kastoria
Underground parking in Neapolis Thessaloniki
Athletic center in Kozani
Municipality of Menemeni:  

Theatre and Cultural Centre
Papageorgiou General Hospital:  

Chimmney cluster
Papageorgiou General Hospital:  

Lighting domes on the central entrance hall
Border Station at Evzoni
Papageorgiou General hospital:

Outdoor Stairways
Cultural centre at the campus of the Polytechnic school of Crete
Municipality of Kalamaria: Academy of Literature & Culture
Expansion of the 5th Elementary school of Kastoria
Special building projects
Highway E90: Support buildings for the tunels of Dodoni
New passenger station at the port of Thessaloniki

Master plan and Preliminary design  
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