Our participation to the research project was concerning the parametric analysis and optimization of the tower shell for extreme wind and seismic loading.

For this purpose, an analytical Finite Element model has been developed, that simulates all the tower details (connection flanges, prestressed bolts, door opening, anchoring details, foundation) taking into account all non-linearity conditions (geometric and material non-linearity, and unilateral contact with friction).

A parametric study of the  of the contribution of the most common stiffening configurations around the door opening to the stability of the tower has also been done, together with a comparative analysis of the three calculation methodes proposed by EN 1993 1.6 concerning the shell local buckling  and an analysis of the effect of putting horizontal shell stiffeners to the shell to the local buckling of the shell.

Papers & Presentations from our participation to the research project
HISTWIN research project (High strength steel tower for wind turbines)
Our participation to the Research project
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