Municipality of Menemeni:  Theatre and Cultural Centre

(2 articles)

"Ktirio" 02/2009

"Residence in Eleones, Thessaloniki" - in Greek
"Technografima"  Issue 283 (March 15, 2005)

"Academy of Literature & Culture - Municipality of Kalamaria - 1st prize" - in Greek
Redevelopment of the waterfront park of Thessaloniki

(10 articles)
Monetary vault of the Bank of Greece in Thessaloniki

(4 articles & 1 book)
Cultural center at ancient school of Aristotle in Naoussa

(3 articles)
"Journal of the Greek society of Civil Engineers"  Issue 396 (Oct. 2011)

"The Scia Engineer software in practice" in Greek

"Ktirio" Oct. 2009

"Municipal Athletic center of Thessaloniki" - in Greek
"TEE/TKM Building"

"Architectural competition for the preliminary design of the building of the Technical Chamber of Greece in Thessaloniki"

"Ktirio" July 2011

"Steel skeleton residence in Pilea" - in Greek

"Metallikes kataskeves"  Issue 4 (2006)

"Crude oil tank repair"
Journal articles
Nemetseck Structural User 2013 Contest

"Summer House - Vourvourou-Halkidiki, Greece" - in English
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