Radio Thessaloniki:

40 m high transmission antenna mast
140 t Limestone Unit
Cluster of Industrial silos in Volos
HISTWIN research project
Stone-wool unit for FIBRAN factory
Silos on TATE & LYLE factory (1)
Hoppers for cereal loading in the port of Thessaloniki
Check of static capacity for towers on Hellenic Petroleum
Wind farm in Laconia
Silos on TATE & LYLE factory (2)
15000 m3 crude oil tank repair
Aluminium of Greece:
Transportable bauxite hoppers
Defluorination tank for phosphoric acid - Χ.Β.Β.Ε.
Warehouse for paletted fertilizer - Χ.Β.Β.Ε.
Aluminium of Greece:
Bauxite Silos
Tate & Lyle: Electrical power production unit
Piperack units expansion on Hellenic Petroleum refinery
Industrial Projects
Storage & cooling installations of the milk industry DELTA
Stainless steel tanks in the "Tate & Lyle" amylum factory, Thessaloniki
Industrial warehouse
Industrial unit for biological cleaning
Industrial building
Erection systems for industrial structures
Industrial shelter
Replacement of the flare pipeline on Hellenic Petroleum refinery
Foundation design & check of tower design of a 90 m high Gas Flare - Hellenic Petroleum
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