Industrial warehouse                      
Steel warehouse belonging to the Company "Ι. Konstantinidis & Co. Ε.Ε." in Sindos, in the district of Neohorouda. The building is one-storey, having a plan 30x35 m, while the height of its gable roof ranges between 5,63 ÷ 7,13m.
The superstructure consists of seven typical three-column frames at distances of 5,70 ÷ 5,75m, connected between them in the longitudinal direction. All the beam-column joints are designed as moment-resisting bolted connections.
The reinforced concrete pedestals are  sitting on strip footing, in depth 1,30m from the floor, which, together with the transverse connecting beams, are forming the foundation grid.
The insulated roof  and side panels are supported by longitudinal purlins and side rails with are mainly acting as two-span continuous beams. The side rails at the front sides are bolted, apart from the frame columns, also to intermediate auxiliary columns, six on each side, which are simply supported, by pin joints at their base to the piers and by roller joints to the girders. The three building entrances and the front windows are configured with the help of additional auxiliary columns and side rails, without affecting the main frames.
The configuration of the structure is interrupted by the office and storage area between the front side frame and the next one. In order to avoid additional internal columns, the frame columns are connected with beams at ceiling level, while similar beams are bolted along the front side, on the main and the auxiliary columns. The ceiling grid is supplemented with the transverse joists and the roof panels.
The warehouse floor is conventional, namely made of reinforced concrete 0,20m  thick, with subbase of pressurized grit and grid of joints at distances not larger than 10,5m.
For the analysis, a shell finite element model was developed using the software
Strand7 for all the elements of the structure (frames, foundation), including full structural detailing of the connections, with unilateral contact conditions.
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