Chimney cluster at Papageorgiou General Hospital in western Thessaloniki

The framework consists of two pairs of pipes having diameters
Æ750 mm and Æ950 mm and maximum height 31,15 m. The pipes are connected to each other at every 1,25 m with transverse flanges in order to avoid problems due to deflection and dynamic action. The structure is supported at its base by a ball bearing and at the height of 12,90 m by six roller bearings resulting in the whole support being isostatic. The main reasons for the specific solution were:

1.    The extremely limited space for foundation that excluded fixed support of the basis.
2.    The fact that due to architectural reasons the use of cables was excluded.
3.    The requirement to avoid interaction between the chimney cluster and adjacent buildings.

Papageorgiou General Hospital:  Chimney cluster
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