15000 m3 crude oil tank repair
Consultant: Professor Ch. Baniotopoulos A.U.TH.
The project involves the repair of the TK-17 crude oil tank in Kalohori, Thessaloniki, due to the intense deformations that it has undergone because of soil settlement.  The structure has diameter 43.94 m, shell height 10.72 m and double deck floating roof .

The tank was erected in 1983. Due to large compressibility of the ground, the tank has undergone large settlements that caused extensive deformations.
To restore the geometry of the tank and its foundation ground, tank lifting was planned to a height of 2.00 m.

For the analysis of the tank, a shell finite element model was developed with non-linear material and geometrical conditions.

The project was
presented at the 5th Hellenic Conference on Steel Structures, Xanthi 2005.

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