Erection systems for industrial structures
Four projects concerning erection systems for industrial structures are presented, which have been applied on the Hellenic Petroleum installation in Thessaloniki.
The first one was used for the erection of a tower 30 m high weighing 38 t.
The second and third were used for mechanical equipment suspension.
The fourth was used to suspend and transfer to another place a part of a piperack measuring 10,5 X 26 m, carrying all its pipes, by the use of two mobile cranes.
In the first three cases a shell finite element model was developed for the erection systems, with all the details of the flanges from which the suspension is obtained, so that local strain could also be considered apart from the total strains of the frame.
In the fourth case, there were created a linear finite element model for the whole structure, and individual space finite element models to consider the local strain at the suspension points.
In all four cases a non-linear analysis was performed, with geometrical non-linearity, and also with non-linear stress-strain law using the software
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